Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Our attorneys have been drafting wills and trusts of all kinds for over 32 years. Their specialty is listening to clients and understanding their family dynamics and special needs. Will a grandson need to overcome an addiction before he inherits large amounts which he may use unwisely? Do children need to learn the art of philanthropy? Will an inheritance be wasted because the state takes it to replace assistance funds? Or do the parents fear that their children will have no incentive to work hard, as they did, because of trust funds?

Special provisions, tailored to a client’s unique situation, will be drafted when appropriate. Yes, the firm starts with tried and tested form documents developed over many years, but these never substitute for carefully crafted documents to meet special needs.

The firm also understands charitable giving, and has been involved in many plans where wealth is divided between heirs and charities in ways that benefit each.

Our attorneys will take the time to explain and help you design and then fund a living trust, which will give your heirs all the tax and administrative benefits of a will but also keep them out of the probate system.